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San Antonio, TX
As a video producer, I need good headphones that I can use for both music on my G4 and audio checking the mics on a shoot.

The Keybinder has a nice big flat head screwdriver for those hard to turn screws for the camera mounts.

I experiment with different types of wallets; I separate my Credit cards for one wallet, and ID for the other. This way when I sit down, I feel even, instead of feeling like I'm sitting on a rock on one cheek.

I keep my mail key on a separate key loop on my jeans; that and the Keybinder prevents me from sounding like I'm a reindeer during a shoot; quiet on the set!

And the Swiss Army Knife? What can I say. I loved MacGyver as a kid. I have owned a swiss army knife since the 80s.

The Boker Magnum Duo is very thin, but very long, much like the pen. This keeps from any kind of uncomfortable bunching in the pockets.

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How do you like that key system? Does it work with longer car keys?
Jose ·
I have one of those key fobs; when I use the car, I clip it to one of the holes in the bottom of the Keybinder or my key ring on my pant loop. I use one of those locking s-binders; I have had keys "slip" out of a key ring with the normal ones.

Keeps things tidy.