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Quiet Carry Mini Q Key Organizer

Adam Molina
Quiet Carry Mini Q Key Organizer

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Finding a good way to carry your keys isn’t easy. More often than not, many EDCers simply end up dangling theirs from a carabiner (sometimes alongside a keychain knife). The Ti Mini Q takes a minimalist approach to key organization while incorporating features usually found on multi-tools.

For example, it comes with a built-in 2.35” interchangeable blade. You can configure a traditional plain edge drop point blade, or get one with a built in bottle opener. If you don't want to carry a locking sharp edge, you can configure the Mini Q with a versatile flathead/bottle opener option instead.

We’ve mentioned before that titanium is a great material for EDC because of its durability and light weight, and the Mini Q's grade 5 titanium scales securely store up to 8 of your keys without taking up a lot of space or weighing you down. The ergonomic design also allows for easy one-handed usage thanks to strategically placed cutouts in the body.

And while many key organizers don’t take into account bulky car keys and remotes, the Mini Q offers a clever workaround with the included smartloop that you can attach them to. For a polished solution to the ever-persistent keychain problem, pick up the Ti Mini Q by clicking on the link below. (Also available on quietcarry.com)

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Rey, quick fix..I had the same issue at first. It was caused by putting mine together and taking it apart a few times before I got my keys in the correct position. The coating on screw wore off. I put one drop of "Loctite blue 242" and now it's snug and secure. Been using if for months now no issues. Very happy with it.
Rey Leon ·
I have this, and like the compact and stylish design.
However it has the same flaw that all the key organizers I've tried suffer from:
The screws holding the keys and the two pieces of the body in place become
loose and need tightening on a regular basis.
MikeNZ ·
Tried to buy from amazon again but won't ship to New Zealand.......
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