EDC - 02/17/16

Evan Johnson
Doylestown, PA
Everything that helps me do what I do. The Rapha Essentials Case isn't really supposed to be a wallet, but I like the zipper. The watch has an aftermarket Presidential bracelet. Everything else is pretty normal for here (especially the keychain).

I'm the owner of a small creative agency, so having the leatherman, the space pen that can write on anything, and a notebook with me all the time is important, since we're always building something, taking notes, or starting something new.

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Evan Johnson ·
Ehh, the Field Notes covers last for as long as it takes to fill one up, then they get dated and put into a box. A cover would only add more bulk.
Earl C ·
You're the first one I've seen post a field notes without a cover that actually looks like it gets used
Chase Morris ·
you may want to look it to something like this www.etsy.com/shop/steadychase ...your field notes it looking a little rough hahaha
Le Ngo Duy ·
Field note ahaha
The labeling made me smile. I suspect a Field Notes cover might be in order?
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice and. Very clean.