Saturday Errand Carry

Cedar Park, TX

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Always great to see a Sig P938. Excellent choice :) .
I like the 938. That's my next firearm purchase
Festus ·
Do you ever have problems with magazine drop when shooting the 938? I had a P938 Scorpion but I sold it because frequently the magazine would eject on its own. A friend had an identical problem with his as well.
HillCntryRedneck ·
That is something you definitely don't want to happen. I've had zero issues with this pistol. It is usually my go to carry. Hate you got a bad one as I love this gun.
Festus ·
That is good news that yours is dependable. I really liked mine too. It was my everyday carry, but it failed enough times that I couldn't trust it. After I saw on Google that magazine drop is not an uncommon problem, I switched to a Glock 43. On yours, is the frame steel or aluminum?