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Alexandra P
Situational needs may cause some items to rotate out or in--but this is my most basic group. As a quite petite woman, my carry items often differ from those that my big guy friends use. I strive to have "me-sized", light items--yet have room and weight allowance for backup of cutting/illumination/writing needs.

I keep a balance of inherited/sentimental items with those that are new, and try not to get sucked into the gear!gear!gear! mentality: gets expensive & I almost always return to my old workhorses anyway.

The pens fit the brass case, this and other small items ride in the waxed-canvas pouch. I have a waterproof messenger (same ppl who crafted utility pouch) and it has a couple internal pockets that the blue wallet and Band-Aids fit in. A removable organizer carries the other items so they are all easy to access/find. Between what's in my bag and pockets, I'm usually pleased to have my most basic urban work needs met.

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mementosis ·
i thought that knife was a Kirkidashi for a sec and nearly fell over. how do you like the SOL?
Alexandra P ·
I'm so glad I got the SOL while it was still being made. It's small & discreet--only once has another gear-head recognized this tiny knife & then loved getting to play around with it. It's especially handy for getting into boxes quickly or small prying--the blade is stubby so you can't get deep cuts--but in a pinch it would certainly saw thru rope. Really like the design a lot. Thanks for asking about it.