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RovEasy Daypack

Adam Molina
RovEasy Daypack

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Heavy-duty bags are great for securing your gear while traveling, but can become cumbersome for everyday excursions. The RovEasy Daypack is an ultralight, 25-liter backpack designed to be a part of your EDC as much as it’s meant to carry it. It folds into a 8” x 5” x 1” zippered pouch for a compact carry, and easily unfurls to its full size as needed. Keep larger items organized throughout the day in its two main compartments, and use the front pocket for easy access essentials like your wallet or sunglasses. You can also easily carry a water bottle in the mesh pockets on either side of the pack. Even if you don’t travel often, the RovEasy is durable and portable enough for general EDC thanks to its 210D ripstop fabric construction, while only weighing 5.75 ounces. You might not want to use it as your main bag, but as a secondary pack for lighter loads, its low footprint and light weight is hard to beat. Grab one of these for less than fifteen bucks at the link below to pack on your next trip.

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Bradlee ·
AMason has them for 12.95 right now. That's a deal!
Jaysun ·
What are the dimensions of the mesh pockets?
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