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Scout Compact Utility Blade

Mikey Bautista
Scout Compact Utility Blade

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One of the first and most important considerations in choosing a knife is its blade. It determines price, resilience, edge retention, and gives you an overall idea of how hard it will be to maintain the knife. Having a replaceable blade on an EDC knife removes a lot of the headache of long-term costs of ownership, keeping it sharp and ready with a new edge even when the edge gets damaged or broken. Sure, you could get any old box cutter from the hardware store, but for a little more panache and style, enter Scout Leather Co.'s latest Kickstarter project, the Compact Utility Blade (CUB).

A minimalist and compact take on the everyday cutter, the CUB uses the standard utility blades purchasable from most DIY shops. Its housing makes use of grade 5 titanium to keep things strong but light, and its sliding activation button uses low-friction brass for smooth operation. Designed with EDC in mind, the CUB measures under 3” and accommodates either a pocket carry via a titanium clip or retrieval through a lanyard/bead attachment. No space is wasted on the handles either, with a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and pry tip integrated into the design.

There's a little under two weeks left in campaign, so if you're in need of a sleek, lightweight, and low maintenance addition to your knife rotation, check out the Scout Compact Utility Blade at the link below.

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Andrew Shaw ·
I am completely dumbfounded. A $150 utility blade!?! I stared at that thing for a couple minutes and cannot reason why it's so damn expensive... except for the fact that it appears suckers are scrambling to own one of the most expensive box cutters in the world. So I guess well done.
Patrick Lyons ·
I don't see a need for a $100+ box cutter when a $10 one works just as good or a knife for that matter.
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