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Three First Carry Gun Tips for Beginners

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Ever heard of Stendhal syndrome? It’s a condition sparked by too much choice. You’ll find sufferers in front of the spaghetti sauce section of your local supermarket, standing there, staring. You’ll find them at gun stores too. No surprise there. An aspiring gun carrier must choose from dozens of potential guns; a bewildering selection of brands, calibers, barrel lengths, actions and trigger types. Gun store salesmen are notoriously bad at helping customers navigate this thicket. So let me make this really easy… (via TheTruthAboutGuns)

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Joe Powell ·
I have enjoyed this site for a long time (well before the change in format). I appreciate the firearm articles and carrys that include them as it gives me insight into what others are doing. Please do not be dissuaded by people that are afraid or "offended" by articles, pictures, and other speech about these tools. These people are free to visit sites and express their opinions, however, it speaks to their weak dispositions.
Sketkh Williams ·
Dude, Seriously, Back off with the guns. Not cool.