EDC 2016

IT (age 29)
This is my IT everyday carry.

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I love the classic style of that Ganzo knife. hows it treating you? I just ordered one.
Dude to be honest it is one of the best products i have, i am beyond impressed by it, the snap is amazing the edge holds like a beast, out of the box razor sharp, its my edc and i have no interest in replacing it, let me know when you get it and how you like it. i love it
Just got it last night and man am i impressed! It's a little bigger and heavier than I imagined and it's all quality! So happy with it!
What do you call the handy little blue loop thing on #7?
lucky line products 3 inch solid brass bolt snap with 1 inch split ring, hope that helps brother
No, the little blue thing looped through that.
oh I'm sorry... that is called...Lucky Line Products Twisty Key Ring, 5 Pack, Assorted Colors (8110005)