Friday Carry

The three absolute necessities for me are a knife, a flashlight, and a pen, in that order. But some other very helpful things are a watch, secondary knife that won't scare non-knifers, and a form of small, hardy digital information storage. I am frequently throwing up PowerPoint presentations from other computers, so this little Transcend flash drive I picked up recently is a lifesaver. Long live EDC!

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madison barlow denim micarta , dude thats a great knife !
Agreed. I couldn't say no when they came up on KSF!
Oh, wow, I just Googled those... Just wow!
Very very nice patina on the Maratac!
Thanks! It sees a lot of pocket time lol.
Convinced me to buy the copper (and perhaps) the brass. I already have the titanium one coming. This is bordering on craziness.
Have you had any problems with your Mover Pen leaking?
I have had issues a couple of times where the tip of the refill gets messed up and leaks a bit. But that problem has been with the Pilot G2 0.35mm refills I prefer and use, rather than with the pen itself. These pens can also be fitted with Parker-style ballpoint and gel refills, as well as with Space Pen refills. There are many options for pens designed around this refill size, which is one reason I like it and my copper KarasKustoms Retrakt so much.