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Titanium Pickpocket Alpha

Adam Molina
Titanium Pickpocket Alpha

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There’s no shortage of tools that you can put on your keychain, so why not step up your keychain game? It’s easy to forget that if your keychain breaks you’re not just out of a keychain, but you risk losing your keys too! The Titanium Pickpocket Alpha lets you safely dangle your keys in your pocket, keeping them organized by hanging the bulk rather than settling into a mess at the bottom. Clipping it to your pocket or belt loop keeps your essentials handy, and an integrated bottle opener adds extra utility to the Alpha. Three extra holes along the body keep the weight down and act as attachment points that let you add more accessories as you see fit. And because the Pickpocket’s made from one of the best materials for EDC gear, you know it’s durable enough for daily keychain duty. If you’re looking for a slim and lightweight keychain that won’t leave you hanging, pick up the Pickpocket Alpha by clicking the link below.

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Doug McHone ·
I have this tool. I incorporated it into my KeySmartf!
Andrew Anderson ·
This is awesome! I had been considering the Griffin Pocket Multi Tool but it cost nearly $40 in titanium and alot of the users say the screw driver on the Griffin cuts their hand then they reach into their pocket. Thanks for sharing the Titanium Pickpocket Alpha. I plan on ordering one this evening.
Andrew Anderson ·
Bought it. Been using it for 4 days now. Love it. It is affordable and I am reminded how much I like well made titanium tools.