Minimal EDC

San Diego, CA
A very minimal EDC kit, stripped down to just the essentials for a dressier day.

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Freitag ·
Hi Kevin, thanks for the compliments! My wife and I actually founded, design and make Friday & River goods, and I just happen to be an edc fanatic. So my personal opinion is a bit biased since I design leather goods that I'd like to use or solve a problem I'm having. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up directly!
Kevin J Meyer ·
Thank you for the reply, Friday! Wow, that's really neat! Hahaha, still you are the first one to ask, even if your opinion is a bit biased :) I'll let you know, if I got some questions, thanks for the offer!
Freitag ·
Sure thing, any time!
Kevin J Meyer ·
Thank's for introducing me to another company that sells leather-goods! I am going to be a poor man pretty soon =) Cheers

edit: How do you like your 'Friday & River' products? I just visited the website and I gotta say, they've got 3-4 items I'd like to get; like ASAP
Freitag ·
**forgot to hit 'reply' to your comment so I answered above**