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Joshua Koonts
Manager (age 27)
Durham, North Carolina
These are my bare essentials. If I walk out of my house I will at least have these items on my person. If I swap the gun/knife/multi-tool/watch/wallet its for a better one, never a lesser one.

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Mat Poole ·
Love the desantis I got for my shield!
Eric Weiss ·
How do you like the DeSantis holster? I have a kydex Bravo Concealment currently and I hate it. Are you comfortable wearing this when driving a car, sitting in a chair, etc.
Joshua Koonts ·
I like it a lot. The material is giving and the fabric catches my clothing to limit slide. But the grabby material makes it harder than kydex or leather holsters to put on and take off. The tuck feature works well and is friendly to skinnier torsos than fatter ones. The cant is adjustable so when i ride with it ill adjust it for cross drawing. Not too bulky.. not to heavy. Doesnt let go of the gun unless you want it to. 4 out of 5 stars.