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Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Mikey Bautista
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

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It's never a bad time to carry a good pen, especially one designed to take on the toughest everyday challenges. From tackling harsh writing deadlines to punching through glass in cases of emergency, the Impromptu—true to its name—prepares you for the unexpected. As a jotter, it uses weather-resistant Rite in the Rain ink cartridges that write in all conditions, deployed with a reliable push-button clicky switch. Its machined steel body is thick and beefy, but apply force to its glass-breaking tempered tip and you can thrust through any trouble. Deep grooves in the body help with grip, and a Cerakote ceramic coating keeps its finish durable and resilient. Its stainless steel pocket clip also lets you easily carry the Impromptu for EDC. If you need a USA-made pen that can both outlive you and maybe even save your life someday, pick up the Gerber Impromptu at the link below.

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Marc Gelman ·
I own both the Gerber Impromptu and the CRKT Tao pen. Both are excellent. I write constantly at work so they both get lots of use. As a lefty I prefer pens with a "clicky" button to screw tops. The CRKT is bigger and heavier, which I prefer. Others folks might want the opposite. Also, the CRKT , has a deeper pocket clip so it sticks out less. The Impromptu took me quite a bit of time to get used to. The glass breaker is always there which makes it feel like you are writing with a "double" pen. Again, both are excellent products, but if you are going to lay out significant cash for a tactical pen, I would pay more and go with the CRKT. Just my two cents worth.
Mikey Bautista ·
As a lefty myself I'm always keen to find out the experiences of others with pens, so appreciate the anecdote! I prefer clickies myself -- I EDC a Zebra Surari because emulsified ink is just much better for lefties and smudging (you know how it is). I used to own the Smith & Wesson tactical pen which was already quite weighty, so something to think about for the weight of the Impromptu.
Corey ·
I have noticed alot of discrepancies regarding the specs on this pen, my pen weighs more than 2 oz for sure, I have not weighed it yet. Their site stats it's 1.2oz and I have seen some places the weight is 4 oz..
Charles Sherwood ·
I love this pen. It is a bit heavy, but has a great feel to it. It writes very well and has the added benefit of both the glass breaker and protection.
Ephie ·
I just ordered this earlier in the week. I am hoping some of the complaints I have read about the push button fails have simply been one offs.
Marc Gelman ·
I haven't read any reviews of the clicker malfunctioning. From my own experience, it doesn't always work smoothly and you have to push a couple of times to get it to work. A small thing but the pen is a bit pricey and really should function more smoothly.
Marc Gelman ·
Hi Ephie,
Thought I would follow up on this. My pen's push button has now failed. I've tried multiple times to fix it but no luck. I've tried to contact Gerber but they did not respond to my email. I imagine that I will have to send it in to them. I live in Canada so always leary about import duties should they send me a new one. I hope that you have better luck with your pen than I am having. At this price point, I find this quite a disappointment. In my mind, the CKRT Tao pen is far superior.
Ephie ·
Thanks for the update, that is very disappointing to hear, particularly as you mentioned, the price point . I have not experienced any problems yet but I have only had the pen since April and do not use it daily. The customer service aspect is disappointing as well. There are multiple push button fail stories on the web and they are often accompanied by reports of a lack of response from the company.