My Everyday Carry

My Every Day Carry...Oakley Panel Pack with laptop sleeve. Great bag with plenty of space. Could be a B.O.B., I used it to travel to Europe for two weeks and had plenty of room for all my stuff. Maxpedition Micro Wallet, just switched to this from traditional leather wallet. It's small and light and will take some getting used to. Nalgene 32oz wide mouth water bottle, always have a Nalgene on me. This is my favorite. Rite in the rain notebook and Sharpee pen, sometimes it faster than taking notes on my phone. Kershaw Shuffle II and Gerber Airfoil, basic cheap knives. I lose pocket knives so I never spend a lot of money on them. These two are cheap and give me everything I need. Glock 17 and Outbags IWB holster. Always carry unless the law doesn't allow it. Outbags holster conceals perfectly.

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Rite in the Rain ·
Good stuff! Thanks for carrying RITR.