My Outdoor gear

Gothenburg, Sweden
If you pack more than you can fit inside a Kånken you are carrying too much! Tent and sleeping bag not included. Obviously this is a photo of my outdoor gear collection and I do not need all of this at the same time. Usually I pack a knife, a pocket knife and the big Trangia. The rest vary from time to time. Sometimes I also pack an ax. The best way to cook is directly on the camp fire, but the ethanol burner comes in handy for rainy days and morning coffee :)

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Andrew ·
Is that the classic kanken??
Daniel ·
Yes it is.
Chris ·
Nice stuff. That big knife looks pretty cool. My company is based in Stockholm, so go Sweden! ✌
Daniel ·
Yes,it´s a great knife. Typical northern scandinavian style.
Huusmann ·
Nice Swedish gear. Good quality stuff. Sweden is also a great place for outdoors adventures.
Daniel ·
Yes,now when I look at it, almost everything is swedish made.The magnifying glas however is danish :)
Chris Lunsford ·
All this swedish and scandi bushcraft magnificence lol
Daniel ·
We have a lot of wilderness in this country and most swedes grow up close to nature. Also the Swedish military has become a lot smaller during the last couple of years and leaves a lot of useful stuff behind.