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K Spike Keychain Tool

Mikey Bautista
K Spike Keychain Tool

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A spike in your pocket isn't your typical EDC. But when you think about its many applications, it actually makes sense as a useful tool. You can use a spike to open boxes and to punch holes into materials. You can break hard ground and ice while on a camping trip, or make make markings on metal and wood for construction projects. For the commuters, you can use it to check for tire pressure or break through a window in an emergency.

The K Spike from Bobby Davis is his latest Kickstarter project, able to do all these tasks and more. It's designed to be carried on a keychain with its split ring tail attachment, and the body itself acts as  screw-in storage for the spike (its opposite tail end is a safe, smooth nub). The body's diameter of 0.63” is akin to a pen for comfortable grip, with deep knurling for even better purchase when in its 3.25” spike configuration. The K Spike also gives collectors something else to look forward to: the option to mix and match materials like Tellurium copper, aluminum, and stainless steel for their spike and case duo. If you get the point and want to add the K Spike to your carry, check out the Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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David ·
How do you "check for tire pressure" with this spike thing?
Bobby Davis ·
It doesn't "check" the tire pressure, it's just lets air out via the valve stem, easily.
Robert Razavi ·
Nice little spikes. They're actually bigger than I expected initially, when seeing the 'real life context' pictures.... Not sure I want something that big on my keychain.... But still, nice product, we'll executed...
Bobby Davis ·
It's actually only 2.7" long when in the keychain carry configuration.
Robert Razavi ·
That's quite bigger than the 1.5" I was imagining...
Bobby Davis ·
I hear ya :)
Robert Razavi ·