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Architect (age 31)
Portland, ME
Really appreciating the benefits of a high-quality messenger bag which hopefully will last for many years. Lots of brown leather items that feel especially appropriate during the mud seasons up here in New England.

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Nice! I'm curious about that knife. What is your experience with it?
It's ok, have used it quite a bit but have to triple check that the blade is in the locked position before using since the locking mechanism is a bit flimsy. Have had the blade swing closed on occasion when cutting something.
I'm dig'n the Utility Roll. Nice carry.
Great idea using the utility roll! Awesome
How do you carry the utility roll? I like the concept. Do you keep it in your bag per pocket?
Usually in one of the pockets of the messenger bag but I've carried it independently in a larger jacket pocket. It's nice for stuff that's needs space bigger than a wallet but less than a messenger bag.
Love the set! Dope! *thumbs up*