The Novelist (Hemingway Inspired)

Alex Ogden
Student (age 19)
Oak Park, IL
Upon beginning my first draft of the story I'm writing I figured it'd be decent to update what is in my pockets. So in them I've got some gear that's similar to what the protagonist would have. As he, like myself is an avid pipe smoker. The story is Hemingwayesque, as I'm striving to emulate the feel of Ernest Hemingway's novels, specifically The Sun Also Rises and a Farewell to Arms. Anyways on to the stuff I'm carrying. I've got my new wallet which is a much needed upgrade from my old one that was falling apart and tattered. My Carved Phone Case, which is pretty darn rad that I have for my iPhone. My leather wrist watch by Citizen. (I can never seem to this darn watch when I try to tag it on this website so here's a link for anyone interested in checking it out. It's solar powered which is neat.) I also have my Pipe which is made by Morgan PIpes, it's a bone pipe and fits quite nicely in my hand, and it's unpolsihed and rugged look is great for a pipe that's rough around the edges like me. Then I've got my Swiss Army Knife, the Tinker Deluxe, a very handy little knife, nothing like a classic. Especially for a kid who used to be Boy Scout and made to it Eagle Scout... Nothing like a tried and true classic. THen i have my CRKT Endorser, which is an awesome knife, that I also recomed as it won the best buy of the year about two or three years ago. Finally to finish it out, I've got some pipecleaners and matches from my local pipe shop Iwan Ries in downtown Chicago. Then a hook bracelet that just adds aesthic value to my wrist. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KBLV1NI/ref=dra_a_cs_ss_hn_xx_P1200_1000?tag=bg999-20&%3Bascsubtag=b0edd2dde254ee7d0c7354363bb47ca5_S

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J.S. Leonard ·
Nice to see more pipes on EDC.