Friday night out EDC.

Spencer Sevy
United States

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Every Day Aaron ·
I especially like that watch, very classy!
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice set up. I see you did the all metal conversion on your 701, very nice.
Spencer Sevy ·
Good eye! I also added a tritium tube to the clicky, it makes it a little more fun is dark business meetings :-)
Adam Hartson ·
may I ask where you purchased the tritium tube for the clicky? I can't seem to find them. Thank you,
Spencer Sevy ·
The guy I bought the tritium from had to make a custom size for these. It's www.mixglo.com. I've got 3 extra assembled pens right now if your interested in one (2 green and 1 blue) . I'll email him and see if he has any more tubes though.
Chad Lovelace ·
awesome mod to a great pen what did it set you back on the tritium and what did you do the the clicky- just drill holes in it ?? I'v done the all metal and fisher mod this is something im wanting to do now !!!
Adam Hartson ·
I might be interested in a fully assembled pen, [email protected] thanks!
Adam Hartson ·
I'm interested in one of your green assembled pens. Can you contact me at [email protected] dot com Thank you
Spencer Sevy ·
Absolutely, sorry about that, I was moving all weekend so I've been offline. I'll shoot you an email today