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Bernard Capulong

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Longtime EDCers might remember OBSTRUCTURES as early trailblazers of the minimalist wallet movement with their rugged A3 Wallet. After some radio silence, they’re serving up another plate wallet—the A4—and it’s their best one yet.

For the uninitiated, the A4 wallet works as a system of three aluminum plates bound by durable urethane O-rings. You can store once-folded cash or frequently used cards between the triangular front plate and middle plate, or slip them directly under the O-rings on the back plate. The rest of your cards ride sandwiched between the two larger plates, effectively protecting them from RFID skimmers. You can even detach the triangular plate to use as a one-piece multi-tool in a pinch: its central cutout serves as a bottle opener and its corners can turn slotted screws.

With the A4, OBSTRUCTURES went back to the drawing board using feedback from EDCers to improve pocketability and ease of use. The plates themselves are smaller, thinner, and lighter to slip into a pocket more easily. OBSTRUCTURES also added a third O-ring to the bottom of the two large plates. This is a huge improvement (and one that directly addresses my criticism of the previous version) as it prevents cards from slipping out from the bottom during use. The silhouette of the A4 is softer too, with rounded edges for comfort in your hands and in your pocket, but still has that signature industrial aesthetic. If you want a durable metal wallet with a distinct look, check out the A4 in black or silver at the link below.


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Michael Wilsher ·
Interesting wallet, but I will stick with my Ridge.
Tu Ho ·
How many credit cards can it hold?
David ·
I'm with Alex. Put me down for an old school, fat leather wallet.
Alex F ·
I honestly don't get the hype around 'minimalist' wallets. Give me an old school fat leather wallet any day.
Ali Esmaili ·
I own the titanium A3. The modification they made to the bottom of this wallet seems helpful, but I don't think it solves the weathering of any cards that sit against the metal separators. Two of my cards were scratched so badly that they became unusable.
Matt Hall ·
Beadblasted titanium is harder on cards than anodized aluminum- a sacrifice many are willing to make to have titanium in their pocket, yet we have not had the issues you have nor any report of such damage to cards. It's good to know. For now, our suggestion is to carry magnetic strip facing in, or switch to aluminum. Hit us up via email and we can help you out if titanium is not working out for you.
Ali Esmaili ·
Thanks for reaching out. What email address should I contact you through?