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Adam Hann
Mount Joy, PA
This is my most basic EDC. I have a few other items I add, but they are usually carried in my bag. That's another post for another day. I use all of these items on a daily basis. Solid, reliable, and mostly all black. :)

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Syafique Sharif ·
i am interested in that gerber. can you kindly give your thoughts on it.
Adam Hann ·
Yes! I love it. The handle has a nice grip to it. It cuts really well. It feels very sturdy and the all black look is sharp. I have a Kershaw Onion that's a little smaller that I used to carry all the time before this. But this is my go to knife now. I think mostly because the blade is a little bit longer.
Trey B. ·
I second this. I've had one since December and it's still my go-to. The all black is nice and it's not an intimidating knife to use in public.
Adam ·
How to you like the declan products?
Adam Hann ·
I've had some Declan products for a few years now. The one in this picture is from their new Major collection. It still cleans really well, but the material feels much thinner. I think they are doing that on purpose so that it can be more of an accessory piece. Overall, I'm a big fan. I have a smaller one I keep in my messenger bag.