My Typical EDC

Just a couple notes:

-Watch: Though I'd *really* like to, I just can't bring myself to spend 'big money' on a watch that I'll destroy (read: scratch to death). This $15 Casio does everything I need. And when I can't read the face anymore, I'll buy another.

-Bic Atlantis Pens: I probably wouldn't destroy a more expensive pen, but I would lose/have lost several. These are the best, cheap pens I've found so far. I lose, break and give them away regularly. Try that with your Prometheus/Hinderer/Embassy Pen etc. Ha Ha.

-I have quite a few knives. I carry up to three from my collection depending on where I'm going and who with. Examples: Spyderco Gayle Bradley, Military. Benchmade Mini Ritter Grip. I *always* have a Ladybug Hawkbill aka the "LadyHawk" on me, and frequently an Aqua Salt outside of work.

-Flashlights: I used to carry just one flashlight. Then I started carrying one during the day and two at night. Now, I carry two all the time as I've encountered numerous occasions where I've been grateful to have two lights i.e photography, team search or stationary/handheld use.

-Maxpedition Micro EDC organizer contents:
-Mini Bic lighter
-Zip ties of various lengths
-Rubber bands
-Compact tube of Super Glue
-Compact Maratac trauma sheers
-WD40 pen
-My beloved STR Ti prybar
-Mini County Comm 7 bit driver (Standard, Torx, Phillips)
-Backup L91 cells
-Tin foil square
- ~6ft. Gorilla tape on a card
-Alcohol swabs, useful for sterilization and electronics/general cleaning.
-Leatherman bit kit and bit extender.

-AMK 0.5 First Aid Kit, augmented with gauze pads, tweezers, 2 pair nitrile gloves, Q-tips, Neosporin, a strip thermometer and additional OTC meds and natural remedies.

Weight of the pictured system: 67.75oz or 4.23lbs.

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Ben ·
Thanks for explaining what informs your carry choices/methodology. It's always good to gain insight into the specific reasons behind why something makes the cut, or doesn't.