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TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen

Ed Jelley
TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen

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The new EDC Keychain Pen from TT PockeTTools pushes the limits of portability in an EDC pen. Measuring in at a mere 9mm in diameter and only 3.25” long, it rides unnoticed on your key setup. When you need to get to it, the quick detach design makes it especially easy to access. You can unscrew the body to completely detach from the cap and your keychain, letting you write freely. Since the cap stays secured on your keys, you won’t have to undo a pesky split ring just because you have to use the pen. No need to worry about losing the pen when carrying it either, thanks to its heavy-duty threading and rubber o-ring that prevent the cap from opening on accident. Its body features grooves for some extra grip and design flair and also accommodates standard D1 size refills. Available in brass, aluminum, or copper, this handy little pen is built to last. Back the project to get one for yourself via the Kickstarter link below.

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James A Smith II ·
What's that key fob?
Ross Goldberg ·
I've currently got a Fisher Trekker spacepen on my keychain. I like the idea of a brass/aluminum pen with screw-on cap instead, but the threads on this are so far back that my fingers would be resting on them when I write. The Trekker has a rubberized grip where the threads are on this thing - I could deal with machined metal under my fingers but not threads. Hopefully this gets funded and revision 2 comes out with the threads closer to the edge of the cylinder, then I'll snap a few up.
Blackthorn ·
I'm curious about the leather key fob too. That pen rocks!
Tara ·
I agree with the other comments, diggin' the leather key fob!
Joel ·
Hey, seriously, can we get a positive ID on that leather key fob?