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Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

Mikey Bautista
Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

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Nothing beats a solid G-Shock for EDC. They're nearly indestructible, highly reliable, and come in every possible style and colorway to match the rest of your carry. The GA100-1A1 (aka The Dark Knight) is an all-black digital/analog G-Shock with all the right features for an everyday watch. Shockproof and 200-meter water resistance come standard, and its “three-eye” display includes a 1/1000 stopwatch, alarm indicator, and countdown timer. The two bottom windows on each side of the display show a digital time readout (with up to 29 time zones) along with a day/date indicator that includes an auto-calendar pre-programmed until 2099—which , given the ruggedness of these watches, the GA100-1A1 might live to see. You're also not completely in the dark with its blacked-out colorway: the watch comes with an auto-LED function for easy illumination. Need a tough watch to complete your murdered out EDC? You can pick up this G-Shock at the link below.

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Othmane AIT EL CADI ·
3 years of daily use and this watch never failed me, I absolutely love it!
For serious SHTF EDC you need a G-Shock with SOLAR power... the one above uses a battery.
Besh ·
G-Shocks really are the best outdoor watches you can get. Suunto Core and the likes are nice, but frankly, the domed plastic they use gives me nightmares about scratches. I would get a Tough Solar G-Shock for anything outside. I have my eye on a Mudman right now. Almost ready to pull the trigger to complete my outdoor EDC.