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First Tactical Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack

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First Tactical Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack

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Nick Leghorn writes: "For me, good enough isn’t good enough. No matter what I’m doing I am always striving for perfection, and I expect the gear I use to meet that same standard. Whether it’s a rifle or a backpack I don’t want something that will just meet the bare minimum requirements — I want something that is perfect for the task at hand. I think First Tactical’s newest creation, the Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack, might just be the perfect backpack for my needs…" (via TheTruthAboutGuns)

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Bernard Brown ·
I own this pack and it is solid! It has so many uses. I use it for work and for EDC. The price is worth it when you compare to other top packs out there. Just my thoughts...
Arif Lee ·
Can you guys do a review of the Cannae Legion Day Pack? Thanks!