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The keys are held in a Keysmart with a Nitecord Tube Sugru-ed on one side and a Manager on the other. Have a good day!

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Brandon :
I can 2nd what Alexis is saying. I liked it so much i actually bought 2 of them. In the 2 colors that specific model comes in. They are fantastic, they feel great in the hand, the fit and finish is awesome. The buttons are sturdy and feel durable when pressed. You can pretty much set them up to almost every single console out there. Ive used it for NES, SNES, SEGA GENSIS, N64, GAMECUBE, Ive connected it also to my WII. Its an amazing little device. I highly recommend it. And Alexis, Big props for finding out about this controller not a lot of people know about it.
there is a whole lot of awesome in this photo. well done.
How do you like the 8 Bitdo NES30? I'm really wanting to get one, I just don't know anyone that has one and wondered how well it works and what device you use it with?
Honestly, it's pretty fantastic. I use it with my mac osx, iPad, and Windows 10. The bluetooth works fantastically on the mac osx (with OpenEmu, etc.) and with the iPad. When I use it with Windows 10, I have to plug it in for steam games that I would have used my xbox360 controller with. But it's absolutely worth it. They upgrade the firmware frequently and with it, bring a bevy of functionality. I'm a bit of a stickler and generally stay with the OEM controllers, this was the first I bought and I have not regretted it for one minute (the feel of the buttons, the responsiveness, etc.). If you can get it on sale (<$40), I would say jump on that. The only caveat worth mentioning, is it is made for portability; I have small hands, but I can see how bigger hands may find it slightly small. However! I put a Popclip on the back of mine (Chrono Trigger!) and that has definitely helped with any and all hand fatigue. Additionally, the controller is very durable. I have travelled around the world with mine for over a year and I have had no issues with it getting jostled, banged around, and occasionally dropped. Anyway! That's my extremely long review. I was apprehensive too, but have thoroughly enjoyed it. And also not going to lie, it looks awesome and it even has that somewhat gravel-ed matte feel that the original NES controllers had.
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. Did you purchase yours through the 8bitdo website or through another seller? I agree the classic NES look I amazing and if it even had the same texture, that would just be over the top amazing!
I believe I got mine on eBay a little before they were a bit more accessible. I saw a Massdrop on them a few months back (and got a second one for my fiancee) and I think Amazon has them. If you do a lot of gaming (particularly of the retro/emulator variety) on the road or commuting, it'll be very handy.