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Handgrey H4 Titanium Carabiner

Bernard Capulong
Handgrey H4 Titanium Carabiner

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I don’t care how dope your keychain setup is. Sure, you might have your keys in order, and your bases covered with keychain-sized backup tools. But to EDC a truly dialed keychain, you can’t neglect the hardware. Cheap, flimsy carabiners run the risk of losing your keys. They can be unwieldy when you try to actually put your keychain tools to use, too. The Handgrey H4 looks and functions how an EDC carabiner should, with its precise titanium construction and quick-release design.

Writing off the H4 as simply a carabiner that happens to be titanium wouldn’t do it justice—its original design is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. The bottom section of the H4 leaves room for a modular system, meaning you can slip on separate split rings with keys or gear as needed. When closed, the carabiner gate securely blocks your gear from detaching. Compared to a traditional design, the gate pivot on the H4 sits further into the frame. This gives you enough clearance when you open it to conveniently remove your gear individually, letting you use them freely without needing extra quick release clips and hardware.

Both the gate and carabiner frame are EDM wire cut with impeccable precision from grade 5 titanium, resulting in an elegantly rugged interpretation of an everyday staple. If you’re looking for a solid, minimal way to take your keychain game to the next level, check out the Handgrey H4 at the link below.

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blueumbrella ·
Having participated in two of Sunny's Handgrey Kickstarter projects, I have to say, these are the best. They are my bling. They are not only, super strong and highly functional, but a beautiful piece to just hold. The H4 is just one of a number of his designs. My favorite is the H3. Somewhat expensive, but completely worth ever cent.
ivan ·
Given the weight, cost and strength of a proper lightweight climbing krab I'm never entirely sure why people pay so much for something like this which is essentially none load-bearing. If you could carry just one why wouldn't you choose something you can hang off, tow cars with etc?
Jim Crusan ·
$40 maybe. $78 ? Dream on. Get real. Pass....
Jared ·
This is such a well made carabiner. I have owned mine for the past two years and it has worked phenominally for me. Its very true. Any person whose serious about edc knows that all parts make the whole; everything down to the key you use to unlock your door is important to consider. As someone who takes edc very seriously I still cant say how satisfying it is to look down at my keys and see this incredibly sophisticated design keeping my keys safely attached to my belt loop.
Iain ·
Gosh man I love gear, and titanium takes it up a notch, but I have a titanium watch I paid less for. Nearly 100 bucks for a biner? And not load bearing? Dude... fail
Greg Testa ·
Crazy Money!
Al K ·
Nice but pricey. We po' folk have to settle for Nite-Ize stuff. Their lockable 'biners are affordable, lightweight and they work.
Huggy ·
too much £££ for what it actually is. Imagine telling someone you paid that figure for that! They will be shocked to say the least
Bruce Maczko ·
Love my night ize key locker with locking micro s biners. I don't have but 4 or 5 keys, plus a door fob to get in at work. I have my Victorinox classic and basic mini mag light on it. I separate the car remote and key from the rest when driving. It works great and is much more within my budget.