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Lumintop Prince CF 1000lm Flashlight

Mikey Bautista
Lumintop Prince CF 1000lm Flashlight

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Lumintop is making plenty of waves in the EDC community thanks to their flashlights that come with a crazy amount of features at a compelling price. They’ve stuck to their guns with their newest light, the Prince, and loaded it with affordable functionality.

Starting from the top, the Prince uses a Cree XM-L2 LED that pushes out a maximum output of 1000 lumens on high at a distance of 169 meters through a double-sided anti-reflective window. Carbon fiber on its middle section houses a 18650 battery while keeping the Prince light but sturdy. The tail features a clicky mechanism that activates its three-mode UI, and comes with a bolted-on clip and unique “cubed” knurling for better grip and handling.

Lumintop haven't forgotten the collectors either, as the Prince comes in stainless steel, brass, or copper to best fit your EDC's theme. The best part—the Prince is relatively affordable, so a 1000 lumen-light with exotic materials is well within reach. Pick up the Prince in your material of choice at the link below.

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Patrick LaFollette ·
It's very nice to look at, and that's a lot of lumens, but for an EDC light:
1) That's more lumens than most people will need most days.
2) No mode memory? I have a ~$30 light in my pocket with mode memory, and this thing is $80.
3) Dealbreaker: no moonlight/firefly mode, i.e. <1 lumen. 25 lumens is still going to kill night vision, and this mode is, to me, mandatory on a true EDC flashlight.
4) That battery is exotic, and for most people, not easy to find. If you're going to use a non-AA/AAA battery, the light should be worth it otherwise, and with the above, no thanks.

Comparison: Olight S1 Baton. Base version is ~$50, and you can get it in 2 Cu and 2 Ti versions as well for about what you pay for this one.
1) 500 Lumen max is going to still be overkill for most people.
2) Has mode memory, as well as the best clicky UI as you can go to High or Moonlight or the last mode directly from off.
3) Has a .5 lumen moonlight mode, which is just about perfect.
4) Still an exotic battery, but one that is in my experience easier to find, and also gives you pros like a very small size to balance the cons.
blueumbrella ·
Nice comparison. You made some good points, to help people decide.
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Joe ·
That is one awesome flashlight!
Richard Osterhout ·
this is the one major item i've been trying to decide on for my EDC. I agree with all of Patrick's points. However, I want to stick to something with standard AA batteries or an internal rechargeable-by-USB battery as I have devices for charging such battery types. Does anyone have any suggestions that would be comparable to the Olight S1 Baton that Patrick mentions, but that takes the power sources I mentioned above? I'm looking for all the same features (although 300 lumens I think would be fine) and it needs to be less than 6" in length and ideally about a thumb's size around. waterproof/resistant and shockproof (in case i, er, drop it...yeah) would also be nice...