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Hellolulu Duff Shoulder Bag

Adam Molina
Hellolulu Duff Shoulder Bag

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Large and spacious backpacks are great, but sometimes you don’t want all that bulk. On those days, a quality shoulder pack like the Duff from Hellolulu might be all you need to get the job done. 

This 8L pack has a sleek, minimal design that lets you carry your gear easily and securely. You can use its single strap to swing your bag around for quick and easy access to your essentials. If you’re looking to free up pocket space, there are also two slip pockets in front that are perfect for items like small notebooks or sunglasses. 

The Duff isn’t just for smaller items though—it also has two main zippered compartments for the more valuable things in your carry. If you EDC any important notebooks, cameras, or tablets, this is the place to put them. Hellolulu incorporated a padded iPad sleeve into the main compartment, but any sub-12” laptop should fit just fine. That padding should also provide a nice buffer for cameras and other fragile valuables. 

The slightly smaller front compartment has a built-in key clip and shallow bottom, making it easy to locate your keys and other essentials quickly when your pack is filled to the brim. The Duff also does a good job at protecting those essentials thanks to its water-repellent coating and polyester build. If you’re looking for a more compact way to carry your essentials, give the Duff shoulder pack a shot by clicking the link below.

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ericmckenna ·
sooo.. a purse?
Ian C Medina ·
Yes, that's definitely a purse.
I got nothing against a man purse, but this particular one looks a little too much like my daughter's diaper bag
Traveler ·
A Murse.
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