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Spyderco Snap-It Salt

Mikey Bautista
Spyderco Snap-It Salt

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Few blade steels on the market are as unique as Spyderco's rustproof H-1 steel. While H-1 is obviously useful for cutting in any environment, the Salt series uses it best by featuring it in tried-and-tested Spyderco knives like the Delica and Dragonfly 2. 

The Snap-It puts a twist on the Salt's design by integrating a gated carabiner hook into its business end, so you won't need a clip to EDC it as a go-anywhere knife. The Snap-It Salt's handles also got updated with a two-tone FRN for easier grip. All the Salt's original features are also here, including a 2.96” blade in your choice of plain or serrated edge. 

Need the perfect knife for your next outdoor adventure? Pick up a Snap-It Salt at the link below, clip it to your gear, and off you go.

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Will ·
Interesting, but definitely not an EDC for me. The clip seems pretty labor-intensive; I can imagine getting frustrated undoing the clip every time I need my knife. Might be really nice to clip onto a bag or something, maybe on some waders for fishing or some other water-centric endeavor.