Twelve South's Creative Director Shares His Gadget Heavy EDC

West Cerrudo
Charleston, SC
As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Apple accessory maker Twelve South, it’s no big surprise that Andrew Green's EDC includes are a lot of gadgets packed into his Booq backpack. What makes his daily picks neccesities? “My mind is always running at top speed so for me the most important thing is that my EDC is organized. As much as I love my devices, I am still old-school when it comes to designing. When a new product idea pops into my head, I grab a sharpie and the closest piece of paper (or bar napkin) I can find and sketch it out!”

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Res ·
Such a great simple carry! I use to have an Apple Watch but since I have tattoos they caused sensor problems?!
walk ·
The Book Boa Squeeze is a great bag and forces you to stay light. Mine is the earlier version from 2010 which I think is slightly slimmer (green interior, thicker top grap handle), but is in my regular bag use/rotation - still looks almost brand new.
Andrew ·
The time porter is worth every penny. Easily the best Apple Watch on-the-go solution, and I've tried a lot of them. I love my time porter and it has replaced another Apple Watch charger on my night stand.

I kind of wish twelve south would make more products. I had a book book and loved it but I'm kind of over it. Would love to see them make more cases.