Expedition Splitboard Rainier

Jonathan Ronzio
Boston, Massachusetts
All the gear you need to climb and snowboard a glaciated volcano! ...Minus the rope - my buddy has that ;)

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J.S. Leonard ·
Great setup. Summited Rainier twice back in 1997-98. 1st was 2 day and the 2nd was done in a day (12hrs from Paradise to summit to Paradise) She's a hoot and has some wicked weather that is some of the fastest I've ever seen in the U.S.. Climb high, climb often and climb with a clear mind... But never climb alone.
Jonathan Ronzio ·
12 hours round trip is a hell of a time! Nice work! I summited back in 2012 but this time around we got held back in a 2-day storm at Camp Muir. Snowed in tents, zero visibility, crazy winds, crazy fun :) ... no summit this time but the powder turns were heavenly!
J.S. Leonard ·
Sorry you missed your summit, but any time on the mountain is time well spent.