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HALO Carabiner

Mikey Bautista
HALO Carabiner

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Ti2 — the masterful metalworkers out of Hawaii — have shown that there's utility to be squeezed out of something as simple as a metal hook. Their latest product is the HALO, a collaboration between Ti2's Mike Bond and knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes. On the surface, it's a collection of colorful carabiners, but a closer look reveals a capable tool worthy of your carry.

The HALO series doesn't use cheap, flimsy metals. The carabiners are made from grade 5 titanium for fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, Tellerium copper for that timeless patina, high-strength 614 alloy bronze, and the rare zirconium with its unique and desirable finish. These materials let the HALO become a prized addition to even the most exotic EDCs.

Its titanium gate comes anodized to match its body's material, and can be ambidextrously opened for ease of attachment. The HALO's full-sized outer frame comes with generous jimping for an improved grip. This is especially helpful when using its bottom pry edge, which comes hollow-milled for strength in cutting, chiseling, and similar tasks. It also has two keychain attachment points to accommodate all your carry configurations.

A carabiner is just a carabiner, right? Wrong, as the HALO shows — it can also be the most useful and stylish thing to hook onto your belt loop. Pick one up in your choice of material at the Kickstarter link below.

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Mitchell Palermo ·
While I definitely enjoy supporting creators on kickstarter, I find it a little disappointing to get excited about gear that seems to be really functional and cool, only to be linked to a kickstarter. Supporting a product on kickstarter generally means you're going to have to wait about six months before you receive it, and that's if it gets fully funded! It would be great to see you guys focus on gear that's already in production. That way readers can get their hands on cool stuff sooner rather than later/not at all.
Bernard Capulong ·
Hey Mitchell, thanks for reading our posts. You're right, it can be a drag to have to wait for Kickstarter gear. But it's becoming a popular model for releasing great EDC gear from smaller brands at a faster pace. Ti2 and Vox are super highly respected in this scene with great track records (not to mention this campaign crushed their goal already) so we thought some of our readers would appreciate the heads up. Thanks again for your feedback though -- you can expect the next bunch of posts to be mostly immediately available for that instant gratification B)
Mitchell Palermo ·
Awesome! Thanks for keeping the little brands in mind too. I love that.