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Pittsburgh, PA
I have slowly built up my EDC to a point that I am happy with. I fit everything in a pair of Triple Aught Design Intercept PD Jeans which I love because of the extra pockets.

Right pocket - Knife
Right coin pocket - Flashlight, zippo, and silicone wedding band
Right belt loop - Keys
Right yoke pocket - Empty
Right back pocket - Wallet

Left pocket - Space pen
Left coin pocket - Leatherman and fountain pen
Left yoke pocket - iPhone
Left back pocket - Field notes
Left ankle - LCP (sometimes)

I made the leather key fob myself.

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how is the nitecore t-series tube
I like it because it is thin and fits in my coin pocket. It is also USB rechargeable which is nice. Sometimes the button gets pushed in my pocket and the battery runs out, but that doesn't happen often, and they are cheap enough that I have a spare charged one at home that I can swap out.
Great thanks for the info i think im going to try it out