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Orbitkey 2.0

Bernard Capulong
Orbitkey 2.0

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These days, you have more key organizers to pick from than ever to silence and tidy up your keys. But the majority of them are based on the same design: a stack of keys on two pivoting posts, sandwiched between two metal plates, Swiss knife style. That's effective if you've got a ton of keys to manage, but it comes with the trade-off of heavier weight and uncomfortable bulk in your pocket.

Now, if you're a minimalist with only a few keys, prefer a sleeker aesthetic, or want something softer that'll play nice with the rest of the gear in your pocket, then the new and improved Orbitkey 2.0 is the clear choice for you. This updated version implements feedback-driven design changes, resulting in a slimmer, sturdier, and more versatile key organizer system.

The overall design isn't radically different, but rather, refined. It's still a single pivot and loop enclosure that makes it easy to set up, access your keys, and carry loose in your pocket. This time, the pivot hardware's been upgraded to stainless steel (to help prevent stripping screws) and a concave design that not only shaves off bulk, but improves ergonomics when holding the Orbitkey while turning a key. Other improvements include a smoother lanyard attachment and a more functional bottle opener insert, which now features wrench cutouts, a screwdriver/box opener tip.

The Orbitkey 2.0 is available for pre-order in 9 different colors and materials, with other add-on options at their fully funded Kickstarter below.

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