Minimal, Brassy EDC

Stan Jones
Lincoln, Nebraska
This is what you'll see in my pockets most days... while not at work. Because our department is losing staff left and right, I'm wearing my duty belt at least 60 hours per week, so having my EDC gear as minimalistic as possible is a great change of pace. Brass quickly became my favorite material to carry on my person due to its gorgeous patina and density, as I'm sure you can see and probably empathize with. (more brass to come!)

The Supra is a gift from my father, which is currently filled with Private Reserve Ebony Blue ink. The 0450 was flame anodized a bronze / brass color on the business side and an oilslick-ish color scheme on the (deep carry) clip side. The 007 has a superdome sapphire crystal and a hydra-style second hand.

I would have included a Leatherman Wave or ST300, but those are usually in my center console, rather than strapped to my belt.

This EDC gear isn't the fanciest or most tactical, but, boy oh boy do I use the hell out if it.


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saint_shinobi ·
Love the different perspective, instead of the usual over the top view.
Robert Razavi ·
And I also wholeheartedly endorse writing with a Kaweco fountain pen; I have several of those and I love them (although my daily writer these days is a superbly fluid Tombow Zoom 101... it's light as a feather!).
Robert Razavi ·
Nice, nice, nice, nice knife (say that out loud three times!). Love that timeless Sinkevich design. Too bad it's $270 CAD :-(
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