Željko Ramljak
Posusje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
I never leave house without these stuff :)

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Ryan LeMasters ·
I've been looking at that Nokia for a while, do you just go to ATT or T-Mobile and pick up a sim?
Željko Ramljak ·
Bought it carrier-free and yeah, went to TM and just pick up sim.
john vomero ·
great thanks for the feed back im going to give it a try
john vomero ·
how is the 5.11 knife i was wanting to buy one but wasn't sure how they were
Željko Ramljak ·
Got it a month ago and it's pretty good, fits perfectly in my edc. I would recommend it to everyone who want this class of knife.
Sophie ·
Love the red and black aesthetic
Michael ·
I always wonder with older "dumb" phones. Is it a work phone or a extra "just in case" because the batter last for 3 week?
Željko Ramljak ·
I spent lot of time in Croatia too, so i need other number for that country. That is why i have "dumb" phone :)