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Phil Chang
Security (age 62)
Tacoma, Washington
Stuff I carry everyday. The IFAK fits in my cargo pocket. I also have a trauma kit in my backpack. The Stylus Pro is indispensable, I use it every day. My daily carry knife is the new Fox DART XT. It features a ikbs bearing deployment, liner lock AND LAWKS, wave feature for instant deployment, glass breaker, and a ring for retention.

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bsb34 ·
How do you like the Fox Dart? I have been thinking of getting it. Pros and Cons if you get a chance. Thanks in advance
Phil Chang ·
Love the knife. I can drop it in my pocket and not even know its there. Very light and unobtrusive. I won't clip in on my pocket because I wouldn't want the ring to show. No problem with a deep carry though. I can still pull it out and deploy it in one motion. The deep carry also means it remains undetected. AND I can deploy it in either a forward or reverse grip, or just pull it out as an impact weapon. Love the knife! It is the Ultimate Knife!