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Leatherman Knifeless Rebar

Mikey Bautista
Leatherman Knifeless Rebar

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There's no denying the utility and convenience of EDCing a multitool.  But sometimes you lose out on all using all their functionality because the included blade is restricted due to local laws or workplace regulations. This is where Leatherman's Knifeless Rebar comes in.

Leatherman, of course, needs no introduction. They're the go-to choice if you need a multi-tool. Their Rebar model comes with 17 tools in a compact, 4” closed, 6.7 ounce package. The tools include multiple pliers, drivers, cutters, and openers built from high carbon, corrosion-resistant 154CM stainless steel.

As its name implies, the knife is removed from this version of the Rebar, letting you EDC it with peace of mind no matter where you go. And you'll be carrying it a long time as the Rebar comes with a 25-year warranty.

Thanks to to the Rebar's compact size,  you can prepare for the worst with a single tool you can carry every day. Cover all your bases at work or play by picking one up at the link below.

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NotoriousAPP ·
Any multitool options that are TSA approved?
Jeff ·
Agree, it would be nice to have a multi tool that was approved for flight travel.
David Rodriquez ·
I contacted leatherman last week about this, the best you can do is send one to Leatherman customer service, I said I really enjoyed their products but wish there was something I could take to work with me. (I work in a Federal building, so even the saw might be considered a weapon) aside from the Style PS and the Tread, Leatherman doesn't have any options. Gerber does have an interesting multi-tool, but a lot of it is up to interpretation by the TSA agent, so it'd be nice for them to work directly with them to find one specifically that wouldn't be a problem.
Andrew Beuzer ·
That awl in the picture looks remarkably knife-like.
Jeff ·
That saw has to be considered a knife too
Darren Tong ·
Yea they did not think that one through. Why decide to go knifeless if you're gonna put a saw on it.
Jim O ·
Saws are on the TSA's prohibited list. They have to be checked if you want to take them with you. Might as well take your regular multi-tool - it's permitted in checked baggage also.
Jim O ·
LOL - I never knew...you can bring brass knuckles in your checked baggage, as well as pepper spray, nunchucks and throwing stars. Just don't get off the plane in California or New York, right?