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Nitecore TM03

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore TM03

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Just a few years ago, the idea of pocketing a flashlight whose brightness could rival a car's headlights seemed impossible. Even within Nitecore's own Tiny Monster line, such scorching output could only be achieved using multiple LEDs and batteries. Now, EDCing a pocket rocket is not only possible, but also relatively affordable.

2800 lumens from a single 18650 cell from a rugged aluminum tube measuring only 6.26 inches—that's the heat the Nitecore TM03 is packing. And while it may be a bit too bulky to carry in your pocket at all times, it's the perfect high-power addition to any everyday carry. The TM03 is fully usable as an EDC light, with four levels from 40 to 2800 lumens and a dedicated mode button that lets you instantly activate strobe in an emergency. It's ready for any excursion, with 2-meter IPX-8 submersibility and a heavy-duty 4.5mm aluminum alloy shell.

It won't be every day that you'll need a light with this much power in spite of its much more compact design, but being able to light up a stadium from the hip can be worth the pocket space. Pick up the TM03 at the link below.

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