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CRKT Homefront

Mikey Bautista
CRKT Homefront

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There's a reason folding knives aren't the go-to tool for outdoor trips. Thanks to recessed spaces and moving parts, even the best-made EDC blades can fall prey to the inevitable gunk and debris that come with exposure to the elements. Sad to say, your everyday knife has to stay at home — or does it?

What if, with the push of a lever and the spin of a wheel, you could field strip your favorite folder to dismantle into all its pieces, making it easy to clean in the field? What if it came with a vintage WW1 bayonet style, designed by renowned knifemaker Ken Onion?

CRKT's Homefront shows its mettle as an everyday knife and makes you question bringing an extra fixed blade on your next trip. The Homefront's 3.5” modified drop point comes in AUS8 steel, making it a hefty blade for even the heaviest cutting tasks. Its 6061 aluminum handles ensure hassle-free performance under any condition. And at 4.7” closed and weighing only 4.8 ounces, the Homefront works just as well as a pocket knife.

Gone is the compromise you have to make when taking your everyday knife out for an adventure. Pick up the CRKT Homefront at the link below.

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Joshua Hunter ·
For the price mark up gonna stick with opinel 8
Drus ·
Aaron, I agree,

Also, the primary reason I carry fixedi to the woods is to have 1 solid piece of steel.
Aaron Dennis ·
How often has anyone needed to field strip a EDC knife? So you end up paying $100 for a knife that has materials found on $30-$60 knives just for the field strip feature...