My E.D.C. Pouch

Leonardo Zamboni
Trento - Italy

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Sophie ·
Great kit! Need this pouch in my life.
Bang Bang Bang ·
The zipper on this pouch sucks. Otherwise great.
craig b ·
How do you carry this edc organizer? Pocket, bag, car? You thought of nearly everything!
Alex ·
I love the kit. I've got a lot of the same/similar items, and seeing them organized in such a way has got my brain churning. I've been wanting to organize my EDC better and I think you've just shown me the way. Thanks!
Ruminator ·
Nice kit. I like the use of a Fisher Space Pen. I keep one of those (actually two) on my person and in my kit. The Rite-in-the-Rain is also a good idea. I currently have a Field Notes in my kit, but believe a RITR should replace it. I just need to buy one. I've been thinking a hank of paracord is a good idea as well. You might want a spare battery for your torch. :)