Shorts Weather EDC

Jim Tebbs
Carer (age 38)
Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia
This is my minimum EDC for shorts pockets only.

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Dimitri Trembath ·
Can you carry the locking blade in Australia (title in e-mail says that's your location)? Thanks!
Jim Tebbs ·
Yes and No. Our laws are quite stupid in that we can own and carry a knife If we have a valid reason for doing so. That said, it's up to the police officers discretion whether that reason is valid. If you don't act like an idiot and you choose a knife that doesn't look tactical you'll be fine most of the time.

I've used my EDC blade in the shopping centre to remove tags, in Bistros when the steak knives weren't up to scratch, etc. We can't have automatics or assisted opening knives though and it helps to stick to around 3" or less.
Dimitri Trembath ·
Thanks tons. No offense, but agree with you on those laws. Have visited Australia many times as child (father's family is in Melbourne) and enjoyed it, but thought the knife laws ridiculous. Best!