College Student's 4-Pocket Carry

Mark McNeely
Gainesville, Florida
This seems like quite a bit, but it is quite comfortable given that I take my phone out of my pocket before I sit down. I even bike all over town with it in my pockets.

Locations go like this:
Right Front Pocket: knife (clipped), wallet
Right Rear Pocket: pen (clipped towards outside), phone (unless sitting)
Left Rear Pocket: handkerchief (folded 1/2, 1/3, 1/2), odometer (unless on bike), flashlight (clipped towards outside)
Left Hip: Keys hang from belt between rear and front pockets, but behind the 9-o'clock belt loop. The Shard is placed front most always (just as in picture)
Left Front Pocket: notebook, comb (behind notebook), lighter, multitool, chapstick sit on far side of notebook, standing up.

The fountain pen gets clipped to my left front pocket. It's only there about 30% of the time because it's usually in my backpack. (North Face Surge, well and fully packed. May do another entry on it later.)

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Mark McNeely ·
Hope you all like my setup! I know I've gotten many ideas from this site.