EDC On/Off Camp

Jerico Aban
Recruit (age 18)
Tampines, Singapore
This is what I usually bring when Im outside or inside camp. I was recently enlisted as a recruit of Singapore's army and I got hooked to this EDC/tactical game. I carry along my field notes inside camp to write down everyday schedules and etc. As an avid cyclist, I came across chrome industries that makes some pretty bombproof stuff even before i got into this. I wear Rastaclat everyday because I was chosen as one of their "Clatographers".

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H@CK3R ·
Nice gear - what's the science on the wrap on the Sharpie? I've never seen that. #goarmy
Jerico Aban ·
Thanks! The twine adds little more grip while writing, it can also act as a firestarter when needed.
H@CK3R ·
Nice - I'll have to impliment that into my load-out.
Daniel Krishnan ·
Hi Jericho Nice gear! Mind if I use this picture as a background on my personal podcast? Thanks Man!