Modular Everyday Carry

Nathaniel P
Student (age 17)
This is my updated and upgraded EDC as of 9 August 2016.

I swapped the Foursevens Preon P1 for the Surefire Titan Plus, which is working great so far. More on that later.
I purchased the RFF Sergeant, and use it to carry a micro First Aid Kit consisting of Band Aids and Alcohol wipes.

Now, here's the reason I called my carry modular: normally, my keys are clipped to the belt loop right over my right rear pocket, with the keys sitting inside said pocket. My light is clipped to the top of my left front pocket. Now, when I head to the gym (or anywhere else I don't have a full set of pockets) the Surefire comes out of the pocket and on to the quick detach clip which I keep on my keychain. Now, I have the complete EDC trifecta of pen, light, and knife all in one compact unit.

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