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Seiko SKA725P1 Kinetic Military Watch

Mikey Bautista
Seiko SKA725P1 Kinetic Military Watch

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Military watches are a great way to step up your wrist game by pairing classic designs with rugged construction—these watches take their cue from the field, after all. Seiko knows this better than most, with their SNK line of military watches one of the most popular icons of the style.

So how do you improve on a great watch? By taking everything to the next level, of course. This is Seiko's SKA725P1, which takes the original SNK's aesthetics and adds some muscle behind the movement. In addition to using automatic movement, the SKA725P1 adds Seiko's Kinetic technology to the mix, letting you use your normal arm movement to power the watch's power reserve. This means your watch is still ticking on Monday when you forget to wear or wind it over the weekend.

The SKA725P1 also got a bump up in size to a 42mm diameter and 12mm case thickness, improving its depth resistance to 100 meters. The increased case size also means a larger face, giving better legibility on the watch's numbers, indices, and 24-hour indicators. Time to upgrade your military style—pick up Seiko's new Kinetic from Amazon at the link below.

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Daniel Hoble ·
Very nice and clean.
blueumbrella ·
It is very nice, but really needs a sapphire crystal face. I like the very clean look, and detail.
Blackthorn ·
I love Seiko watches. This one looks great, nice and clean.
I think you might be mixing up your self-powered technologies. The SNK809 in the first link is a fully-automatic movement, meaning that it uses springs and gears, which in this case is a 7S26 movement—a non-hacking, non-hand winding movement.

The SKA725P1 is a 5M82 kinetic movement, which is a quartz movement that utilizes a battery for power. However a kinetic movement depends on wrist motion to recharge the battery, much like a Citizen EcoDrive uses sunlight to top of the battery.

Automatic and Kinetic movements are very different.