M/35/Anti Social Socialist

Top left to Bottom Right:

* Tripple Aught Design Fast Pack Light
* Samsung ATIV Windows Tablet (Desktop Setup: http://math0ne.deviantart.com/art/Windows-8-2015-Custom-tiling-window-manager-515303019)
* CST Trackball with green pool ball
* Laptop power cable with with direct plug instead of power cable
* Keyboard: Poker II, pexon cable, a 60% height aluminum case with DSA caps. (Closeup: http://i.imgur.com/49MJE2w.jpg)
* Raised by Wolves Hat
* Stanley Flask
* Keycap Notepad (Closeup: http://imgur.com/XvqeomD)
* Pencil: Rotring 600
* Eraser: Tombow Mono Zero
* Ink: Pigma Micron 02
* Marker: Pentel 100W
* Pexon Keyboard Cable
* Tylt USB Cable
* Urban Ears Moss Green Headphones
* Small BIC Lighter Case
* Tablet Dock
* Galaxy S6 With Magpull Case
* Native Union 3.5 Audio
* Pexon Tiny Audio Cable (for currently broken portable headphone amp)
* HDMI -> Mini HDMI
* MicroUSB -> MiniUSB
* MiniUSB -> USB
* HDMI -> MicroHDMI
* Machine Era Olive Drab Wallet
* Old magpul case with Nexus Powerbank in it

Here's a bonus pic of it in use: http://i.imgur.com/nShaoXP.jpg

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Alan Huang ·
Where'd you get that awesome notebook??
mathOne ·
Believe it or not from a hospital gift shop, I have seen other and they were all bought from gift shops of some soft, often in museums and shit. I would guess its cheap gift shop supply from china.
Jermaine H. ·
Nice EDC! Can you provide more info about #18? What is the item exactly?
I digg the flask.... Need to add that
Matthew Del Rocco ·
flask, Poker mech, LTrac, green... You are a man after my own heart. Love this kit. What is the story of that morale patch