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Mikey Bautista
Nitecore Tip

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The Nitecore Tube had a good run. Rugged yet compact, lightweight yet fully-featured, it was quite the ideal EDC light, and one of our favorites workhorses from Nitecore's stable.

But there's a new sheriff in town. This is the Nitecore Tip, and it's what happens when Nitecore takes everything great from the Tube and makes it even better.

The Tube was already pretty rugged with its polycarbonate shell, but the Tip does away with plastic altogether. It comes with an outer case made from aluminum alloy to protect its internals. It's hard anodized and screwed down to give the light 1.5 meters of impact resistance and IP54-rated dust and water protection. Which would probably be a good idea, since it's packing a lot of power under that metallic shell.

The Tip's Cree XP-G2 LED reaches a scorching 360 lumens on its Turbo setting, previously unheard of from keychain lights. And yes, the light can still disappear on your keychain, being only 2.39 inches long and weighing only 0.83 ounces.

You don't even have to worry about carrying around extra batteries, thanks to its internal USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Tip's four levels and up to 46 hours of runtime are just a short recharge away.

The Tube may have been retired, but the idea of adding a powerful, compact flashlight to your everyday carry shouldn't be. Pick up the Tip in one of seven colors at the link below.

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Holy-belongs-on-your-utility-belt (the original EDC) Batman!
Nathaniel P ·
Wow! More lumens than the Titan Plus, but about a third of the price? Impressive. Hope someone does a head-to-head video.
White Knight ·
360 lumens. Wow, the circle, the circle of light! Brilliant (cough). Won't displace my Photon Freedom from my keyring as this one's a tad too big, but they are very different beasts. Mine has a whopping 4.5 lumens. I know.
Carlos Tiu ·
Great upgrade to the Tube and definitely more value and more lumens than any keychain flashlight out on the market! Tough, light and durable! Love mine!
Ethan ·
I love the Nitecore tip. I bought this flashlight because of the reviews on youtube.